Vasectomy Recovery

Vasectomy After Care Instructions

Health Care Tips For Quick Vasectomy Recovery

1. Apply an ice bag to the scrotum, alternating 10 minutes on, then 10 minutes off, for the first two hours after the vasectomy. Repeat over the next two days in the evening.

2. Wear athletic supporter or “jockey” shorts for one full week.

3. May take a shower the day after the vasectomy.

4. May take Tylenol for pain, no Aspirin in the first two days after the vasectomy; thereafter may use Aspirin, Advil, or ibuprofen as needed for pain.

5. No strenuous work for one week (do not lift more than 30lbs, do no strenuous exercise).

6. No sexual intercourse for 3 to 4 days after the vasectomy.

7. Sitting in a tub with warm water 4 days after the vasectomy is optional and may improve healing.

8. Return to the office in 3 to 4 weeks for follow-up and further instructions.

REMEMBER: A vasectomy is not effective until the sperm count is determined to be zero on 2 consecutive occasions within a span of 10 days. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 3 months and/or 30 ejaculations before submitting your first sample. It is mandatory for you to call and confirm the results of the post-vasectomy semen analysis (PVSA), after the second semen test.

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