No scalpel vasectomy vs traditional

Advantages of a No Needle – No Scalpel Vasectomy vs Traditional Vasectomy Method

Before scheduling a no-needle and no-scalpel vasectomy, we will discuss the benefits and risks involved, providing sketches that describe the details of the procedure. Your vasectomy will be performed by Dr Friedman and will take only 5-10 minutes to complete. Following the procedure, the person who accompanied you may drive you home so that you can recover in the familiar comfort of your own home. Benefits for the open ended, no needle no scalpel vasectomy vs traditional vasectomy procedure include:

  • No shaving
  • Usually requires 5-10 minutes
  • Less traumatic to the tissues
  • Less discomfort during and following the procedure
  • Less bleeding
  • Less risk of infection
  • No stitches
  • A single, small puncture entry–no incision
  • Less chance for post vasectomy pain syndrome
  • Higher chances of successful reversal

Often patients are surprised by how quickly and easily they recover. Ice packs can alleviate any immediate discomfort, and an athletic supporter should be worn for one week. You may return to work after two days, and to full activity within a week; for this reason, you may find Friday or before holidays a convenient time to schedule the vasectomy procedure.



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